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For us to be able to pull off an event like this, we do require help from some good Samaritans like yourself. On this page, we’ve highlighted what we require to pull off an event like this, how can you help us with our requirements and what can we give you in return.


What do we require?

We do operate on a non-profit basis but we still require to arrange a couple of things for us to be able to deliver this event. We’ve listed a high-level list of what we require and should you need more details for any of these or are interested in sponsoring us, please get in touch with us here.

  • Location for 2-days
  • Food & drinks
  • Print & stationery
  • Internet connectivity for the 2-days
  • Website hosting partners
  • Gifts, T-shirts & other swag stuff!


How can you help?

We would really appreciate if you could back us up for the various aspects of the event listed above. Your sponsorship will help us pull this event off successfully. You could be a sponsor (taking care of the entire cost of one particular aspect) or a co-sponsor (where 2 or more sponsors share the cost of an aspect). Either way, we’re more than happy to get you on-board.


What can we give you in return?

We’re more than happy to give you some branding/publicity in return on our social media pages, our website and a shout-out during the event too. The event will have about 150 people attending over a 2-day period but will also have a wider digital audience and not to forget, all those people who are impacted by giving the NGO’s a website.

Yes, you can make a difference too. Get in touch with us today!