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Inspiration behind Light & Spark NPO

Having studied and worked here in Auckland, New Zealand, the host and mentor of this event, Clyde D’Souza, has closely observed the differences in the way things are taught, the opportunities available, the working culture, the expectations set and much more. He is inspired to bring back some of his personal experiences and give back to the community by creating an opportunity for students to learn and grow, creating a platform for mentors to teach and gain a new experience, and provide an online presence for 2 NGO’s at absolutely no cost*, so that they can create a bigger impact in the area they’ve been working tirelessly in.


“I’m trying to create an opportunity that I would have loved to have”

Clyde D’Souza


Meaning behind the brand name

The name Light & Spark NPO breaks down into 2 parts – light symbolizes the knowledge we’re providing the students and spark symbolizes the change we’re bringing for the participating NGO’s/non-profits/charities.  Light & Spark’s events will run on a completely not-for-profit basis hence the NPO suffixed at the end.


* At no service cost. Third party fees might still be applicable.